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Here is how to redeem YOUR 1-YEAR FREE SUBSCRIPTION in three easy steps: STEP 1: DOWNLOAD FITGMR THE APP STEP 2: CREATE AN ACCOUNT, stop at subscription page STEP 3: CHOOSE YOUR DEVICE TO CLAIM THIS OFFER *You must download the app and create your account before redeeming this offer. GOT QUESTIONS? WE’VE GOT ANSWERS. […]

Scholastic Esports Organizations

Scholastic Esports Organizations < BACK TO PARENT RESOURCES When organized well and designed as a cross-curricular activity for a wide range of students, esports has the potential to bring students together, enhance learning and mitigate technological inequities for students with fewer resources. There are several organizations working to bring robust esports programs to schools everywhere […]

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity in Esports

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity in Esports < BACK TO PARENT RESOURCES In general, esports is more inclusive than most sports around the world. It’s inclusive because there are very few limitations to playing games online.  Unlike, for example, the traditional sports like,  soccer, tennis, and volleyball, athletes are not only divided up between men’s and […]

Healthy Gaming for Teens

Healthy Gaming for Teens < BACK TO PARENT RESOURCES Oftentimes there can be a lack of motivation in adolescents and teens to do physical exercise and eat healthy foods.  And at the same time we are witnessing a worldwide obesity epidemic. Parents who are trying to motivate and encourage healthy habits may feel like this […]

Education in Gaming

EDUCATION IN GAMING < BACK TO PARENT RESOURCES Through esports, students can learn social-emotional, high-order thinking and technical skills. During game play and competition, students might use strategic thinking, analytical and mathematical skills, or other abilities they’ve learned when responding to new or unexpected situations and obstacles. Participation can also provide a pathway to college […]

Careers In Esports

CAREERS IN ESPORTS < BACK TO PARENT RESOURCES With esports quickly becoming a billion dollar industry, more amazing jobs are becoming available beyond just gaming. There are limitless opportunities for upcoming teens in the esports world. Most parents think the only career in esports is professional gaming. That’s just not the case. In fact, there […]

Esports 101 for Parents

Esports 101 for Parents < BACK TO PARENT RESOURCES If you are new to esports then this is a great place to start. Let’s start by defining what esports is.  Esports is an organized competitive gaming format with prizes and goals such as prize money or valuable gaming products. Goals in esports can be anything […]

ISEA and FITGMR Tournament of Champions

ISEA AND FITGMR TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS We’re glad you’re here! High school esports teams playing Rocket League in Iowa, Nebraska, New Jersey, Washington, and Wisconsin are all eligible to win a garage full of Razor products valued at over $2,200. What a great way to ‘go outside and play’ with your teammates (FITGMR-speak). We also […]

Information for Parents

For Parents By Parents HEALTHY GAMING FOR ALL AGES For a parent of a gamer, it’s important to support and guide their child towards a healthy relationship with gaming.  As parents, we care about supporting our child’s choices in all aspects of their life. When it comes to teens gaming, it’s hard to know which […]