RAZER x FITGMR ARE YOU AT PEAK GAMING PERFORMANCE? TAKE THE QUIZ DO THESE 5 THINGS TO GET GAME READY Research shows that building habits in five key areas is as valuable to game readiness as hours at the keyboard. We help gamers build healthy habits in what we call the 5 Pillars of Health: […]

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OUR PARTNERS As a member of the esports and health & wellness communities, we partner with organizations to continually improve our platform and provide resources that will help advance research to improve our lives and optimize our human potential. Interstate Scholastic Esports Alliance (ISEA) become a fitgmr partNer EMAIL US AT

Information for Parents

For Parents Improve Your Game, Improve Your Life Whether you are a gamer yourself, or the parent of a gamer but don’t game, FITGMR helps you stay positively involved in your child’s gaming experience. Research shows that living a healthy lifestyle helps gaming performance. The FITGMR App helps build that lifestyle to improve gamers’ scores […]

Our Mission and Philosophy

OUR MISSION Our mission is to create fit gamers…because fit gamers play, compete, and live better. OUR PHILOSOPHY We want to change the stereotype of an unhealthy gamer and improve the longevity and performance of esports athletes. That’s why we have developed FitGMR – a program designed for esports athletes that fosters health and wellness. […]

Team Dashboard

TEAM DASHBOARD The Team Dashboard visually displays player and team metrics so coaches, managers, educators, and parents can monitor players’ improvement in the 5 Pillars of Health and their game readiness.  Daily and overall FITGMR scores provide insights for actionable and measurable steps for growth. Do a deep dive into an individual player’s performance or […]


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TRY THE FITGMR APP FOR FREE EAT. SLEEP. TRAIN. GAME. Being able to track progress in the FITGMR 5 Pillars of Health with the Metrics Module gives cognitive performers the ability to gain insights and develop new habits and behaviors designed to improve in-game or in-life performance.   SPORTS SCIENCE BASED TRAINING & TOOLS AT YOUR […]