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With esports quickly becoming a billion dollar industry, more amazing jobs are becoming available beyond just gaming. There are limitless opportunities for upcoming teens in the esports world. Most parents think the only career in esports is professional gaming. That’s just not the case. In fact, there are jobs in management, operations, sales, event planning, coaching, and even social media coordinating. Universities across the world are now offering esports majors and degree programs as well as full academic scholarships for those that want to be a part of an esports team while attending college. There’s more to the esports industry than just video games and there’s also multiple career paths one can take. Very few gamers ever become a professional esports player. However,  that should not stop your teen from seeking a career in a field they love. Head to any esports event and you will find there’s plenty of jobs around the production stages such as camera work during broadcasts, referees, event planning, and journalists. When talking about jobs in the esports industry it’s not just about playing games. Be sure to look at the esports industry with an open mind. Let’s explore some more careers in esports that have been on the rise over the last few years. 

Esports Coaching

If you want a career in esports, consider getting a degree in Esports Management. Much like traditional sports, esports players have coaches. Whether the coach is in charge of helping a team of players find the best angle to tackle a particular game or is assisting a single player getting set up for a one-on-one tournament, the coach has to have a good understanding of the game and its many obstacles. Plus, the coach has to be able to fire up the players and provide them with the motivation that they need to win.

Network and Computer Engineers

Esports tournaments require the use of a number of high-powered computers, they also need large screens in order to broadcast the game play to the audience. Additionally, they also need a solid high-speed internet connection that ensures that the game goes smoothly. All of this requires a team of computer experts who can set up and repair computers quickly, keep the network and Wi-Fi running and ensure that the tournament goes on without any issues.

Marketing and Public Relations

Just like any other sporting event, an esports tournament needs to be publicized. Someone needs to manage the social media messaging, work with sponsors on their advertising and even letting players and the audience know when the tournament will take place. These tasks fall to the marketing and public relations team, who oversee designing an event logo, scheduling social media posts, getting traditional media coverage and more to ensure that people know the event is happening. 

With esports quickly becoming a billion dollar industry, more amazing jobs are becoming available. Below is a list of esports job sites:

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FITGMR Tip for Parents

Talk to your teen about their career goals and ask them if they would like to visit a college that has an esports team or an esports degree program. This might just be the catalyst for them to discover a world of career opportunities that they didn’t know existed. If you’re a parent, hopefully, you are encouraged. Your child’s not joining a dying industry but one that’s growing and thriving.

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