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GET THE FITGMR APP EAT. SLEEP. TRAIN. GAME. Being able to track progress in the FITGMR 5 Pillars of Health with the Metrics Module gives cognitive performers the ability to gain insights and develop new habits and behaviors designed to improve in-game or in-life performance.   SPORTS SCIENCE BASED TRAINING & TOOLS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Daily, […]


The FITGMR Team We are a team of gamers, professors, Ph.D.’s, coaches, psychologists, and professionals with decades of experience in the 5 Pillars of Health and in esports who are passionate about creating positive change in the gaming space. The trainers who provide content for the FITGMR app specialize in communicating well with gamers from […]


FAQ I’m already good at gaming, why do I need FITGMR? FitGMR founder Holden MacRae has been studying key factors that contribute to esports performance since 2017. Those findings show that physical maintenance, mental performance, nutrition, sleep, and lifestyle are significant contributors to performance and can be better indicators of readiness than scrimming and other […]


Lifestyle At FITGMR, we believe that it is vital for a gamer to become a well-rounded person. The FITGMR program includes promoting activities that increase your abilities by expanding your scope beyond the game console.  We encourage and track activities from hobbies to additional pursuits to time spent in nature. David J. Epstein, in his book […]


Sleep Sleep is as important to our health as a healthy diet and regular physical activity. It affects our energy level, mood, performance and quality of life. Monitoring and optimizing sleep is essential for peak performance.  At FITGMR we help educate gamers and monitor sleep, including  How much sleep you get  Building habits that promote […]


Photo: @samanthabeech_ Nutrition Nutrition plays a critical role in gamers’ mental and physical health. Proper nutrition can improve or weaken the effectiveness of training efforts. Without quality foods eaten in appropriate quantities, no cognitive athlete can achieve his or her full potential.  The FITGMR nutritional philosophy is science-based and easy to follow; the Low Carb […]

Physical Maintenance

Physical Maintenance FITGMR Physical Maintenance includes complementary components designed to help esports athletes find and maintain optimal health: Fitness training to build and maintain strength and stamina Quick drills to help athletes return to peak readiness during game play Ergonomic considerations to avoid injury Yoga to create body awareness and mental and physical ease FITGMR’s […]

Mental Conditioning

Mental CONDITIONING Performance is influenced by the psychology, mental, and emotional state of esports athletes. If athletes are under-aroused, emotionally drained, or lacking focus, they won’t meet their potential. Due to the substantial cognitive effort required for peak performance, cognitive athletes are even more susceptible to mental performance fluctuations than traditional sports athletes.  FITGMR uses […]

What is FITGMR

WHAT IS FITGMR? FITGMR is a program for improving gaming performance. It does this by building behaviors and habits within the 5 Pillars of Health that research shows improve performance: physical maintenance, mental conditioning, nutrition, sleep, and lifestyle. FITGMR provides esports athletes the tools to not only improve the way they play the game […]