At FITGMR, we believe that it is vital for a gamer to become a well-rounded person. The FITGMR program includes promoting activities that increase your abilities by expanding your scope beyond the game console. 

We encourage and track activities from hobbies to additional pursuits to time spent in nature. David J. Epstein, in his book Range, finds success springs from this approach, saying “The challenge we all face is how to maintain the benefits of breadth, diverse experience, interdisciplinary thinking, and delayed concentration…” so time spent on arts, games, recreation, etc. factor into the FITGMR score. 

In Japan, researchers are documenting the benefits of simply being outdoors in nature. FITGMR’s Lifestyle Pillar motto is, “Go outside and play!”

And meditation, the practice of “doing nothing,” has been shown to improve almost every aspect of performance, health, and well-being. FITGMR meditations are targeted to teach beginners to experienced meditators how to practice to provide stress relief, better sleep, and improved concentration, intuition, and creativity.

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