Performance is influenced by the psychology, mental, and emotional state of esports athletes. If athletes are under-aroused, emotionally drained, or lacking focus, they won’t meet their potential. Due to the substantial cognitive effort required for peak performance, cognitive athletes are even more susceptible to mental performance fluctuations than traditional sports athletes. 

FITGMR uses mental skills and conditioning training to enhance:

  • Emotion and attention regulation 
  • Resiliency and fortitude 
  • Team dynamics and culture
  • Communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Leadership development
  • Effective preparation and recovery
  • Burnout prevention

FITGMR training includes yoga and meditation. Current mindfulness research is describing what meditators have found for millennia, that these practices alter the brain in profound positive ways. FITGMR yoga and meditations reduce stress, foster healthy mental patterns, and cultivate concentration and zone mentality.

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