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Nutrition plays a critical role in gamers’ mental and physical health. Proper nutrition can improve or weaken the effect of training efforts. Without quality foods eaten in appropriate quantities, no cognitive athlete can achieve his or her full potential. 

There are many nutritional philosophies in the world but FITGMR selected one that is science-based and easy to follow, the Low Carb Healthy Fat Diet (LCHF). This means a lifestyle high in healthy fats and low in carbohydrates. Eating only real, whole and fresh foods. Foods that are not processed, packaged, or come in a box. Following a nutritious diet full of meat, fish, eggs, nuts, healthy fats and lots of different vegetables and some fruit; and getting rid of additives, chemicals, preservatives and other harmful ingredients. The FITGMR diet helps people lose weight, reduces insulin resistance, and protects against type 2 diabetes.

The FITGMR app motivates gamers to eat a healthy diet by including it as a component of their FITGMR score.

Nutrition Network is our nutrition partner. Under the leadership of Dr. Tim Noakes, Nutrition Networks provides extensive content on the low carbohydrate, healthy fat diet that FITGMR  advocates. Learn more about Nutrition Network.

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