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Our mission is to create fit gamers…because fit gamers play, compete, and live better.


We want to change the stereotype of an unhealthy gamer and improve the longevity and performance of esports athletes. That’s why we have developed FitGMR – a program designed for esports athletes that fosters health and wellness. Our research demonstrates that fit gamers are high-performing gamers. The fitness and wellness practices we train improve the whole person and give athletes endurance, focus, mental balance, and recovery to optimize their in-game performance. We believe that there is a paradigm shift afoot where gamers are recognized as the cognitive athletes they are and are keen to learn how Nutrition, Sleep, Physical Maintenance, Mental Conditioning, and Lifestyle can impact their performance.

Athletes that work with us grow in ways they may never have expected. Not everything we do is easy, but there is a sense of accomplishment and pride that our athletes gain which leads to greater confidence and the development of what we believe are the characteristics associated with a successful and rewarding life:

"FitGMR will make you physically stronger, mentally sharper, and generally better at anything you strive to do! And who doesn't want to be better?”
CEO and Co-Founder of Cloud9


FITGMR is committed to contributing and complementing our primary work with business practices that make us a good community member. Our decision-making process includes consideration of: 

These issues have led to ongoing discussions on the use of cryptocurrency in our app, inclusion of gender and race when hiring, looking at partners, and casting the models depicted in the app, and a practice-what-we-preach corporate work ethic that values time to “go outside and play.”

Check out FITGMR's 5 Pillars of Health to see our mission in action.