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For a parent of a gamer, it’s important to support and guide their child towards a healthy relationship with gaming.  As parents, we care about supporting our child’s choices in all aspects of their life. When it comes to teens gaming, it’s hard to know which of the positive factors we should be supporting. Most parents are only familiar with how to support their teens in traditional sports.  The good news is, gaming and traditional sports are very similar. The similarities between traditional sports and esports (gaming) are staggering. In fact, the only difference between them is that one is physical and the other is virtual.

TIPS for Healthy Gaming with FITGMR


Set up a FITGMR score benchmark for your son or daughter that earns them game time 


You can participate along with your young gamers to improve your own health and wellness


Encourage your child’s school to use the app for their gaming classes and clubs — it’s FREE. NOTE: The coaches’ dashboard, which helps educators/coaches mentor and guide their students is not required but adds a valuable level of insights.

FITGMR was created so that parents can participate and strengthen the positive outcomes of gaming. We understand that our gamer teens and traditional sport teens are much more alike than we think. This is why we feel it’s important that parents focus on positive factors that enhance the lives of our teens. We have provided parents with a list of all the positive aspects of esports and gaming, along with links that we found helpful to parents with questions regarding their teens and gaming.

Improve Your Game,

Improve Your Life

Whether you are a gamer yourself, or the parent of a gamer but don’t game, FITGMR helps you stay positively involved in your child’s gaming experience. Research shows that living a healthy lifestyle helps gaming performance. The FITGMR App helps build that lifestyle to improve gamers’ scores and their lives.

The FITGMR App Makes it Easy

The app includes tools for building and tracking good habits, including metrics to motivate and show growth, training videos, and fun, educational content to support a healthy lifestyle. The FITGMR system is built on 5 Pillars of Health that have been shown to enhance athletes’ readiness, performance, and lives.

We Train the Best

Our methods are science-based, and we’ve field-tested our workouts and approach for more than a decade — including ongoing training of some of the world’s top professional esports teams.

Our Colleagues Agree

FITGMR has been awarded the Accredited™ Educational Experience Trustmark. This achievement exhibits true excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education.


Esports 101 for Parents

If you are new to esports then this is a great place to start. Let’s start by defining what esports is. Esports is an organized competitive gaming format with prizes and goals such as prize money or valuable gaming products.

Careers in esports

Careers in Esports

With esports quickly becoming a billion dollar industry, more amazing jobs are becoming available beyond just gaming. There are limitless opportunities for upcoming teens in the esports world. Most parents think the only career in esports is professional gaming.

Education in Gaming

Gaming has the potential to improve functions such as visual processing and how the brain understands information, and many teens believe that playing certain games helps their problem-solving skills. The world of esports has many educational and career opportunities.

Healthy Gaming for Teens

Esports athletes nutritional, physical, and mental requirements are no different than athletes in traditional sports. Let’s take a deep dive into what healthy gaming really looks like.

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity in Esports

In general, esports is more inclusive than most sports around the world. It’s inclusive because there are very few limitations to playing games online.

Scholastic Esports Organizations

When organized well and designed as a cross-curricular activity for a wide range of students, esports has the potential to bring students together, enhance learning and mitigate technological inequities for students with fewer resources.

Cloud 9 CEO and Founder Jack Etienne recognizes FITGMR’s role in his teams’ successes:
“By working with FITGMR, the team has grown in the following ways: increased stamina, increased self-confidence, greater focus and improved sleeping and eating habits, all of which results in better performance on stage.”

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