FITGMR’s team of professionals has decades of experience in the 5 Pillars of Health and in esports. But to ensure that we continue to use cutting edge science in designing and executing our program, we have partnered with organizations specializing in nutrition, sleep, diagnostics, and monitoring technologies. We customize and integrate information, and subject it to testing and refinement. 

The trainers who provide content for the FITGMR app specialize in communicating well with gamers from all backgrounds and at all levels of capability. They provide modifications where needed and positive encouragement for all.

Holden is a Professor Emeritus of Sports Medicine at Pepperdine University. He has a B.A. in Physical Education and English, M.Ed. in Kinesiology, and Ph.D. in Physiology. He has published articles and received grant funding from government and industry for research on human health and performance. His prior work includes research on elite athlete and military performance, and he is currently implementing high performance support for esports athletes. He has designed and conducted clinical trials focusing on technology and nutritional interventions to optimize performance.

Landon is FITGMR’s Mental Performance director and trainer. Landon is a lifelong gamer who fell in love with the science of expertise development. He has a B.Sc. in Psychology and an M.Sc. in Performance Psychology and now specializes in training elite-level esport athletes to be both healthy and high-performing.

Mike is FITGMR’s director of Physical Maintenance and a trainer. He has Master’s Degrees in Public Health & Experiential Education and a B.S. in Sports Medicine. Mike is a professor at Pepperdine University and owner of a gym in Malibu, California. He has taught students in inner city classrooms, esports teams in his gym, and locals in communities in Southeast Asia.

Peter is FITGMR’s director of Yoga and Meditation and a trainer. Peter is an initiated Yogiraj, or master, who has been teaching yoga and meditation for 20 years and studying for 35. He is the author of two books on yoga and meditation and the host of a podcast about getting the most from life. Peter’s varied life pursuits make him a skilled advocate for FITGMR’s lifestyle pillar, which encourages development of the whole person.

Matt is a 7-time ironman triathlete, who has completed dozens of marathons, including 50-mile ultra-runs. He has led numerous training camps for kids and adults and has a passion for nutrition and its importance in overall health. As a former Marine and pilot, Matt understands the importance of the ready state and being prepared.

Cathy is a FITGMR yoga and meditation trainer. Motivated by a passionate curiosity for the art and science of well-being, she dedicated the last 20 years to the study and practice of the 5 Pillars. Certified in Yoga and the Feldenkrais Method, she encourages people to cultivate mind and body awareness in order to develop a sense of joy and ease in their daily lives as they pursue their goals.

María has a BS in Sports Medicine from Pepperdine University and a Masters in Prevention Science from the University of Oregon. María is a dancer, yoga teacher, and a Level 2 CrossFit trainer. She coaches Cloud 9’s League of Legends Academy and LCS teams.

Kristin is an experienced financial professional with an investment banking and financial consulting background. She spent over a decade at JPMorgan and then joined Evercore Partners specializing in distressed M&A. She has over 700 hours of training in various forms of yoga and yogic philosophy, is a CrossFit Level 1 Certified trainer and has run 8 marathons on 3 continents. She is passionate about health and wellness, and joined her first start-up team in 2000 and has worked as a Director for a habit forming app.

Howard is a fitness and biohacking enthusiast who has spent his career launching innovative products for startups and Fortune 500 companies, often finding inspiration from ecstatic free form dance at music concerts and festivals around the world.