FITGMR is a program for improving gaming performance. It does this by building behaviors and habits within the 5 Pillars of Health that research shows improve performance: physical maintenance, mental conditioning, nutrition, sleep, and lifestyle.

FITGMR provides esports athletes the tools to not only improve the way they play the game — but the way they live their lives. 

FITGMR training promotes:


The FITGMR App is your personal esports coaching team

Use THE 5 Pillars of Health to improve your FITGMR score, your game and your life

Daily, coach-led programming provides the structure and cadence of workouts, yoga, meditation, & education

A FITGMR score that shows your efforts, and that coaches and scouts can use to assess athletes

Team Dashboard that tracks metrics & gives detailed stats for players on your team

Companion curriculum for educators and coaches

FITGMR is the culmination of decades of work by its creators and trainers

With roots in sports medicine research and hands-on work with athletes and students from all walks of life, our team literally wrote the book on aspects of esports optimization. Founders Dr. Holden MacRae and Mike Anderson spent years field-testing the FITGMR program recommendations.  That research and experience laid the foundation for our FITGMR App, FITGMR Training Program, and Team Dashboard.