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Personalized Training for Your Team

In addition to our app, FITGMR also provides in-person and virtual coaching for teams and individuals in all areas of the 5 Pillars of Health. Receiving more guidance in these areas can provide accountability, further your health journey and maximize your gaming performance.


Tailored workouts and yoga targeted for esports athletes. Expert scaling and modifications provided for all levels of fitness.


Live one-on-one and group sports performance psychology sessions and training; guided meditation techniques. 


Counseling, education, and program implementation to help gamers understand the benefits of eating a whole food, low sugar diet.


Education and a forum for athletes to ask questions and learn more about sleep science given their demanding and varied schedules.  


Coaching through our discord channel in inspiring, informal ways. Assistance in creating beneficial habits that allow you to step away from the screen.

FITGMR works very effectively with teams whose athletes are not centrally located. We agree on a time that works for all team members and commit to meeting on discord in a designated, private, team channel. We typically train up to 10 athletes, coaches, and managers at a time. The work we do together does not require a gym or equipment; only able bodies motivated to improve their physical and mental well-being, in order to improve their in-game performance. In our experience, the teams that are most successful in FITGMR have participation at all levels of the organizations from management to staff to coaches to players. Wherever people are and whatever time we all agree, we just ask that you show up.

All we expect from the teams and athletes we train is that they show up every day at our agreed upon time Monday through Friday for one hour. That hour will include pre-determined activities, including: 

  • a level-appropriate workout that includes warm up, cooldown and mobility work;
  • a 30-45 minute yoga session; 
  • a group conversation in mental performance including team dynamics or communications skills (whatever the team needs in the moment); and 
  • a 10-20 minute guided meditation. 

For 10 players:


$1399.99/year (Save 17%)

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

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Athletes that work with us grow in ways they may never have expected. Not everything we do is easy, but there is a sense of accomplishment and pride that our athletes gain which leads to greater confidence and the development of what we believe are the characteristics associated with a successful and rewarding life: 

  • Self-reflection; 
  • accountability; 
  • follow through; 
  • communication; 
  • respect for self and others;  
  • zone mentality; 
  • preparedness; 
  • flexibility and adaptability.

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